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Many times in life, we wish something should have happened and we adjust with reality when it does not happen.  We go on living our lives creating memories in that adjusted phase often wondering only if…..


Our quest of a picture perfect life, the life on Facebook and Instagram, which is the “Best of the Best” of our existence almost seems never ending.  The chase of this digital twin morphs into aspiring for a “Perfection to Others” almost like an unending chase of a Mirage.


Cafe Mirage explores the above two themes where the feeling of Incomplete always wants to chase the perceived Beautiful.


To bring you Cafe Mirage, we have drawn inspiration from the prestigious Inter-Collegiate Drama Competition in India, where various art forms have to be weaved seamlessly in a drama theme. All arts have to performed live on stage without any recording. One could say a Kaleidoscope of Art on Stage.


In alignment with our theme of providing a platform to semi professional artist and contributing to the diversity of our vibrant downtown Port Huron, we proudly present Cafe Mirage.

Cafe Mirage

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