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JASHAN literally means Celebration or Festivities draws it's inspiration from the colorful festivals of Incredible India.  These festivals celebrate start of new year, start of planting or harvesting season,  start of spring and end of winter, celebrating the pranks of Krishna, the welcoming of  Ganesha - The Vignaharta-the of remover of obstacles, Navratri - The Festival of Nine Nights, Diwali-The Festival of Lights and the most colorful of all The Big Fat Indian Wedding.  


These festivals are celebrated with music, dance,  costumes, color, and folk art.  While growing up, we watched these festivals being celebrated the traditional way and eventually getting influenced by what we watched in Indian Cinema (We like to call it Bollywood).  Bollywood showcased these festivals with pomp and splendor and soon the community gatherings started to mimic what we saw on the silver screen and vice versa.  The silver screen created stunning musical and dance numbers around these festivals.


So we have taken the initiative to create a Fusion, where we present the foot tapping, heart throbbing and colorful Bollywood song and dance numbers in an English Theater Production.  Our artists for this show have a passion for theater and we have reached out within the  Blue Water Community to draw  out our actors.  The energetic songs and dances will be performed by  Funaach Academy of Dance

So come join us and Become One with the Celebrations - Welcome to Jashan

Festival of Color
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